Attachment Focused Brainspotting Children, Love and Interconnectivity across the Lifespan, Ottawa, Canada

Starts: 6th May 2019

Ends: 6th May 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” – (Douglass)

Please note that this workshop is in Ottawa, Canada. Bookings via Marjorie Robb at

Workshop details
The workshop aims to cover the areas that are brought up so often in Brainspotting trainings and in supervision. The day will allow time for case consultation, as well as covering the following key issues:
How do you do Brainspotting with children?
What is the significance of neurobiological development in Brainspotting?
Do children process faster than adults?
How does modern attachment theory fit with Brainspotting?
What is resourcing when Brainspotting with children?
What to do with parents when the child is Brainspotting?
As therapist, how do you transition to Brainspotting?
How to work with the child with complex developmental trauma?
The child within the adult – the therapist’s own process.
Biographical details
For 10 years Mark was a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the NHS (UK), specialising in Child and adolescent mental health. He primarily worked with young people, foster carers and families with complex needs in specialist services. Over the past 9 years he has developed a successful private practice focussing on complex trauma throughout the age range. Mark is an EMDR Accredited Consultant and offers supervision/consultation in numerous integrated approaches. He teaches on Clinical Psychology Doctoral courses, is the lead UK Brainspotting trainer and the author of the book, Brainspotting with Young People: An Adventure into the Mind.
This training is open to all who have completed a Phase 1 BSP training, a prerequisite for this course.
10% discount if attending Phase 2 in Ottawa May 3 – 5 with Mark Grixti
Please note that this workshop is in Ottawa, Canada. Bookings via Marjorie Robb at