Three Day Workshop
with Alessia Bruno and Ruth Chilies
12th – 14th November 2021

£405 early bird before 3oth September 2021
£450 thereafter


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This three-day specialist course is for Brainspotting therapists who are interested in working with performance issues or who wish to enhance their own performance. It is an opportunity to learn about the neurobiology of performance as well as to have a transformative experience in your own personal and professional realisation.

Workshop Details:

  • Explore who has performance issues, athletes, musicians, artists, actors and who else?
  • Understand the false beliefs and the conditioning about performance and their impact
  • Comprehend the liberation paradigm of performance
  • Learn about the polyvagal system and performance
  • Discover the causes of performance inhibition and performance blocks and how to resolve them
  • Conceptualise performance using the F.L.O.W. Model
  • Explore how to enhance creativity and its role in performance
  • Learn how to expand performance and harness key flow states
  • Experience your own performance and expansion to infinity

Open to all who have completed Brainspotting Phase 1.

This training is facilitated by Alessia Bruno and Ruth Chilies

Alessia Bruno, Clinical and Sport Psychologist, SASP-FEPSAC, Certified BSP Practitioner, EMDR Europe Consultant,Performance Coach

With her clinical as well as her coaching background she helps professional athletes and performing artists to overcome blocks, chocking, slumps, yips and works with expansion which is to take people and their potential to infinity. Her key message is: “For performers what they do becomes part of their identity. As the performance is based on the person, to expand the performance we have to expand the person’s potential”.

Ruth Chiles, Certified BSP Practitioner, expert in Creativity, Focal Dystonia and Liberated Performance

With nearly 30 years of experience she has worked with professional musicians, premier league and international sports clubs, professional dancers, gymnasts, basketball players, skiers and athletes. As well as expanding their Performance she has enabled them to resolve their highly varied range of performance blocks. They have reached new levels in their profession and/or have recovered their professions.



11am – 7pm GMT (London, UK)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday


The price for the three day specialist workshop is £405 early bird before 3oth September 2021, £450 thereafter.

For further information please contact

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