All BSP UK trainings carry certified CPD hours for your professional requirements.

Our Training Courses shown below are facilitated by DR MARK GRIXTI – Clinical Psychologist

Upcoming Brainspotting Trainings

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We are delighted to return to in person trainings for 2022 as well as offering the option to join us online. Brainspotting is both an in person and effective online therapeutic modality/psychotherapy and these trainings will incorporate not only the key principles of Brainspotting but also experiential embodied practice of working with others online using BSP techniques and the core principles of dual attunement.

Although BSPUK is established and based in the UK, our Brainspotting trainings are global and we are delighted to have a rich and diverse international community. Mark has taught in a number of countries and we welcome all those that wish to train with us and be part of the ever expanding international Brainspotting community. With increased online provision we are very excited to extend the opportunity to meet and connect with you without any geographical restrictions.